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    After finally discovering the anniv edition and coming back to EQ after a two year break, im ready to play again! On top of this i want to start up another character to two box with my cleric. Im willing to make most characters. A helpful bit of information might be that i mostly group with my brother, who is a 70pally, as i am a 70cleric, both time geared and better. I group with him often, but not always, so thats why im asking what everyone thinks.
    thank you for the suggestions in advance!

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    Hm, depends, how often do you group with your brother? and when you don't, do you want a tank bot ? if so, i find SK very nice for a cleric duo, but if you're looking for a char to bot while with your brother, a beastlord could be a good idea....decent DPS .. and when your just 2boxing he should be able to handle some tanking + slowing

    personally i take my berserker everywhere .. but between me and my 3 brothers we have a group, 75clr,75zerk,75sk,75ran,75enc,73shammy .. shammy is gimpest are CoA range its fun


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