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Thread: AA window hell

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    Default AA window hell

    For those who haven't encountered it yet:

    The issue is that SoE in their infinite wisdom decided to make our aa window like a shrouded toon's aa window. Which is a good idea in and of itself... only they didn't make the hotkeys(more importantly, the aa activation codes) that everyone has set up work with it.

    The best fix is to look up the original activation code and put that back into your macro. For instance, to activate Celestial Rejuvenation (upgrade to Celestial Regeneration) you have to change the /alt activate 394 to /alt activate 38.

    For convenience sake here is a link to the list of aa codes referenced in the General and Spells & Magic forums, so you can do all your alts and bots at the same time.

    You have to do this for every macro that uses an ability that was upgraded on another tab in the old aa window. I recommend logging in 15 minutes early and having a list of your aa activation codes handy.
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    Default Re: AA window hell

    None of my hotkeys have activation codes with text (except the old old dva one) -- but in case it helps, here are the actual hotkeys that I had to update myself (remake a new hotkey).

    I'm maxxed AA on everything I list here (so folks know that if they have higher than the first rank, they also will have to adjust the plain aa's as it will come up 'not usable')

    - Celestrial renewal
    - radiant cure (this is now called group cure in the new AA tab)
    - turn undead
    - celestial hammer
    - one more that's on a secondary row that I can't think of right now. So only 5 AA's I actually had to adjust

    As expected, these did NOT change for me:

    - purify soul
    - ITU
    - bestoy divine aura
    - mass group buff
    - divine rez
    - silent casting

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    Default Re: AA window hell

    Nodyin published a list after the patch yesterday because so many keys broke:
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