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Thread: Sendaii the Hive Queen

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    Default Sendaii the Hive Queen

    After beating our heads against this encounter for a good solid month we finally took her down. I wanted to share the heal strat that worked for us, hopefully it will help someone else later on.

    The biggest thing we did for Sendaii is balanced each group - every group had tank, off tank, healer and backup healer and was rounded out with DPS. This made each group self sufficient and allowed the healers to focus on their group and keep the tanks, chanters and bards alive. If you lose to many tanks you will wipe, if you don't have mezzers (chanters and bards) when needed you will wipe.

    Part One ~ All healers spam on MA and SA and watch your group
    Rez as necessary

    Part Two ~ All healers heal your group tanks watch SA and MA as you can
    Rez as necessary

    Part Three ~ All healers heal your group tanks
    If you have an Enchanter or Bard in your group KEEP THEM ALIVE
    When Sendaii moves drag bodies to her last location and rez there as quickly as you can
    When Sendaii stops Hive Queen Aura goes off warn people you just rezzed if the AE is about to go off.

    Part Four ~ Spam on the MA and use group heals - load Tectonic Quake

    *Four(a) at 75% Sendaii splits into 4
    Once she splits if your group tank is on a Sendaii heal that tank if you don't have a tank or your tank is not taking damage heal the MA
    Do last minute rezzing NOW

    *Four(b) at under 50% the fake Sendaii despawn - all healers on MA and group heals

    Part Five ~ at 25% of Sendaii's health adds spawn - EVERYONE get close to Sendaii and alternate Tectonic Quake and healing the MA/Group heals
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    Default Re: Sendaii the Hive Queen

    thx inok

    we are at this event in progression

    while our numbers in raid will be 30-ish tops

    we will give it a go and see what happens


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    Default Re: Sendaii the Hive Queen

    One thing that helps is saving Divine Rez for chanters, since heavy CC is needed pretty much throughout the whole fight.
    MGB rebuffs at the top of wave 6, right before you start spawning the adds. MGB heal rotation and wards also help here.
    Have whichever cleric is most recently rezzed be on rez detail only. The idea behind this is that it keeps you off the agro list and punts you into ooc regen.
    /corpsedrag and /corpsedrop hotkeys are a must.
    When the Queen starts moving, wherever she moved from is most likely going to be a safe rez spot for the next minute or two. Rez people away from others, this lowers the chance that the queen will be on top of them when they rez in.
    GL doing it with 30ish people, it's definitely a challenge and IMO the most fun (and exhausting!) raid target before T2 demiplane.
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