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    Hello All,

    I'm after a little advice - hope you can help. I'm a group cleric (as you can see in my Magelo ) with some nice enough group gear but I'm not in a raiding guild.
    However, on Drinal there are a couple of guilds that have open Anguish raids once a week or so, and I find it's fun to join in. Generally they do everything except OMM, and that's fine by me. I can handle all the events except Jelvan - I always run out of mana and am left healing on empty.
    The technique the guilds use is fairly simple - pile all the DPS on one guy and keep the other two occupied with a single group each. It's an effective strategy - last night we won the event without any deaths that I noticed - but I don't feel I'm pulling my weight.
    I usually use CH / SL on the MT with regen when gift of mana procs, and WoViv for group heals when needed.
    Given the guilds' strategy, how would you play the event?
    Is my mana pool simply too small? Can you share any hints or tips?
    I should point out that about five Anguish raids and one PoFire is the total experience I've had in raiding - if it's something obvious, I probably don't know it.

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    We do the same thing, 2 self contained groups on two of the mobs and everyone else on the third. The two self contained groups have 2 tanks, 2 clerics a Shaman and a Druid. The Clerics alternate CH on the tank the Shaman slows the mob and the Druid heals the ramp tank (2nd tank).

    The big thing is to get the AE cured it you get hit because it does a mana drain. The Shaman can group heal it.
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    Really depends on what your role is during the event and which side you are on. South side you have to make sure the mana DoT is cured immediately!!

    Jelvan event is very mana intensive though and even with my mana pool I run low sometimes, So I am sure you are doing just fine considering your gear, while very decent and reasonable for that content it can be a challenge.

    Make sure you get your friendly Mage to give you BOTH Mod rods and chew them up as soon as it pops

    Your first heal so to speak, should be Promised Renewal and then Pious/Sacred Light to give them a chance to get the mob slowed. If the tank seems to be taking a beating (slow resist) DvA or use your Shield (both mana free).

    Once damage seems to be less you can start with CHeal and alternate with Light if needed. Its the OMG hes gonna dieeeeeee heals!!! that will run ya out of mana faster then anything else. .

    If there is a Pally in your group make sure you announce when you are Divine Arbing and that they group heal after and help with cures, if You have a shammy make sure they help you out with Ghost of Renewal and cures.

    You can also change out Sacred Light and use Pious Light(less mana).Also Word of Replenishment (lvl 64) is about 250 mana less per cast then Vivification and works just fine for group heals.

    Make sure is Yaulp up and use it constantly or sit between heals(every little bit helps)And Don't get on Ramp, Its Brutal haha
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    Is there a specific tormentor that you're usually on (the one that stuns, the one with the mana drain dot, the one with the debuff)? Or do you get sent to whichever one you they throw you in?

    Are you alone in the group or are you one of many clerics/healers healing that tormentor? If you're tossed as a solo healer for a tormentor, and you're not confident in that role, do you feel comfortable talking to the RL to ask for support or a switch?

    In terms of mana pool gear/focii/aa, you're pretty solid - though you might want to invest in the mana regen AA's from the later expansions (if there's nothing else that's more of a priority for you).

    So, it may be your heal technique could use a wee bit of tweaking to help out as well.

    1) Switch from sacred light to ancient hallowed light (if you have the heal from Anguish). Sacred Light is actually less mana efficient and heals for less until you have the 2nd rank and something else (forgetting if it's a certain focii etc.).

    2) Use those dva's and epic dva's as often as possible to help with mana conservation.

    3) Drop word of vivication (unless you're in charge of curing) and use word of replenishment instead OR use word of redemption if damage is too great.

    4) Make sure if you're on the mana drain mob, that you have active curers curing you guys instantly and make some gentle noise about this if you aren't getting what you need.

    5) Yalup as much as you can

    6) Use mod rods as soon as they come up

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    Wow - thanks guys for the advice and fast response.
    D'oh - I hadn't noticed the mana drain! I'd just been letting it expire normally while I panicked over the silence.
    As for cures, I've got a shield of the immaculate - I'll give that a try next time
    My usual role is with the main body of the raid in south fighting Tanthu (Mr. Mana Drain). I sometimes have the MT or RT in my group, sometimes not, but usually try to chip in heals, while keeping my group alive. I hadn't realised that some of the dots that were being thrown around REALLY need curing - I'll work on that.
    Thanks for the suggestions with regards to spell choice - I do have SL Rk. II, but it probably was overshooting a fair deal, and Viv is expensive as you say. I'll try with PL, Yaulp and Replenishment and see how it goes.

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    An easy way to do south is, 2 shammys,3 clerics and MT in one group for south (mana drain). it takes 2 casts on BoN (blood of nadox) from shammies to cure. Have the 3 clerics loop in group and have shammies cure. IF the shammies are on the ball, mana will never be an issue. Also drop your ward in the cell, it helps.

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    If there are necro's on the raid then one needs to be in your group. MF helps alot on South. Main Tank, 2nd Tank, Shaman, Clr, Clr, Nec is good setup for this. The 2 clerics do a ch rotation on MT, while Shaman cures and group heals as needed.


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