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    I have in the last few months ran into a bit of a problem. I have friends who have rejoined the game and have come to find out that they can look for hours for a group and find none. I have encouraged them to find a guild and they have but still they have issues with finding a group. BTW, they are not socially inept. I can say if I play a toon that no one knows me under I sometimes can't get a group either. When I can find a group it is with active involvement that takes about 30 to 45 min sometimes and that is asking folks that do not even have /lfg tag up that happen to say yes to a group.

    I have also noticed that in PoK there are less than 50 folks there during prime times of play. I remember when it was hundreds. I love this game and I do not want to see the few that we have in the game leave due to inactivity of their server. With this thought in mind I have wondered if another server merger could help this delemia. My hope would be if folks see more in their zone of play and they will find it more accessable to find groups.

    Granted I hated doing server mergers due to the fact I lost my server name, it can also make camps for certain items a bit tigher.....but for playing sake my belief is that it was the best decision.

    I was wondering what you all thought of that idea.....

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    I've returned after a two year absence, I no longer play my main but have been working on two new characters which are now in their early 30's. Fortunately, I two-box and play with my Girlfriend (total of 3 characters), just yesterday I thought I'd try my luck hunting Giants in the Great Divide - most of the time (couple hours) it was only me and my Girlfriend hunting. The same thing happened to us in the Dreadlands.

    If I were playing alone with a single character it would be pretty lonely out there - sure I could get some groups but it would take alot more effort than it used to back in the Golden Days of EQ.

    FYI - I realize most who play the game are of the level 75 range nevertheless it's sad to see zones like the Great Divide and Dreadlands all but abandoned.

    Starrla it seems I observe even less folks in PoK on Prexus/Terris.

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    For all the chaos caused by server mergers, the straight dope of it is that without them, the game becomes unplayable.

    EverQuest 1 is not even stocked at most retail stores anymore. As people leave we're no longer gaining anywhere near enough new ones to replace them. Test experienced this problem years before the live servers -- Do an EQPlayers search on Test now and se how few 75s there are, as the server is absolutely UNPLAYABLE. That is what each live server would become without them.

    So I'm all for it.

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    A few years ago each server was a community like a small town. It didn't take long and you really started to know everyone. When they merged the servers last time I new walk into the game and think who are these people? It is like two small towns merging together. I know that sounds funny but at the same time it brought the prices in the bazaar more in line with what they needed to be.

    With new games coming out and many of my friends moving on to new worlds and lives it is hard to say things will ever return. I don't even log in like I did at one point.

    Likely a server merger will be helpful, it'll give a bigger base of people on the different servers.

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    I am for it as well, But i do feel they should look at ways to get more players in or back in the game,sever mergers wont solve the issue more of less a bandaid. The real issue is players are leaving the game. I am sure as many have stated 45 min wait time to get peeps in a group dont help. Its also hard to start a new toon now with everyone being 75+, its not like it use to be 30+ peeps in the zone killing bats =P. It also is hard for some one new to eq to start, with the 100 keys and flags they need to beable to play with eveyone else is almost insane . Its just my 2 cents, iam all for the merger, just if steps are not done soon to fix some issues there be nothing to merger with

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    Which Two servers would are the smallest and would be best for a merger ? Just curious.

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    on innoruuk i knew a bunch of people, on The Nameless i know a handful of Namless and the rest inny.

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    edited: my original post came off pretty offensive. I apologize to anyone who read it before I hit edit.

    Another problem that crops up is the difference in server culture.

    You get used to the jerks that you've seen around for a couple of years, whether you /ignore them or not; with a server merger, suddenly you see the few jerks from the other server all at once (most likely trying to poach on people who don't know their rep) and you label all people from the other server as jerks, since we tend to remember the bad experiences more than the good. It can take a lot of cool people to break down that first impression. Thankfully, there are plenty of cool people out there.

    The merger in the end was a good thing, and restored the player pool to a more easily workable number, once everyone learned how to play nice and get along. But I can't help but wonder what's going to happen if 4 different server cultures get knocked together.
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    A person can't expect to see the amount of people in PoK as it was way back when. The population that used to be there has now migrated to places like the Guild Hall and Guild Lobby, amongst other zones.
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    Most of the people that left EQ, that I have talked to, did so because of how difficult it is to get a group. The majority of those people have started playing World of Warcraft (WoW) because they say it is more condusive towards soloing.

    Fortunately, playing a highly demanded class, I have not had the same experience. Although I must admit that with some of my low level alts of other classes, groups are virtually non-existent.

    Server mergers could help the immediate problem. But I think Sony needs to push more content oriented towards soloing or small groups, or they will lose the war to WoW in the long-run.

    Maybe they could also add new content occasionally that doesn't come with a price tag!

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