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Thread: Where to Fight (lvl 65 - 70)

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    Default Where to Fight (lvl 65 - 70)

    These are fun levels!!!

    Previous to DoN, you really only had one solid progression track as a cleric, where you could find a decent was the standard Walls of Slaughter (60 to 65) to Muramite Proving Grounds (65 to 69) to Riftseeker's (69 to 70)...unless you were one of the lucky few to be elemental flagged.

    Us elemental flagged folks, had fire, earth, and water. Personally kills in earth were too slow for me, so water and fire turnt out to be the best exp/time ratio, and I just hated swimming and healing in water, so I stuck to fire.

    During that time, I also discovered that the Tipt trial, for flagging folks up to KT, gave incredibly good exp in this level range, though, it was a bit difficult if you weren't elemental+ geared.

    Now, post-OoW, we have a lot more options that are viable to us.

    DoN missions to the Nest, and the Ascent, if you have a group that can handle them, both net very large gains in this level range, and some servers/timezones have people willing to do DoN's on quite a bit.

    DoD missions, are by far the best, most efficient way to do it I have found. Even nowadays very few LFG will turn down a decent DoD spell track mission, and for those of you crawling through these levels for the first time, and are not in a raiding guild; they return some very nice loot rewards, both at the end of the mission guaranteed, as well as during the mission.

    PoR, for those of us better geared, we have better options all-around that I've seen personally...thought I might just have missed a spot. For those lesser geared, PoR is probably going to not be worth the time/exp, or risk/reward ratio.

    Moving on to TSS, TSS so far has produced wonderful experience gains in this level range, in Direwind, Icefall, Blackfeather Roost, and the Steppes. Icefall and Direwind are a bit better exp, drops, and spell drop rates; but things hit a bit harder and are a bit harder to kill too.

    Blackfeather Roost, and the Steppes, give considerable exp, for the risk/reward and time factors at this level. Not to mention there are some very decent gear drops that are DoD spell-track level of gear, or slightly lower, and can help supplement those who don't have the patience to go through those spell tracks, or can't find folks willing to do so.

    Sunderrock, I found lacking in serious exp, in general, I mean the exp still beats WoS/BoT/HoH/RCoD/Sol Ro, and is probably equivalent to KT, but the exp wasn't amazing by far. The drop rate here on gear, is a little lower than the other zones mentioned as well, the good thing about Sunderrock, the pulls seemed to be a bit easier, and things didn't hit quite so hard as any of the other 4 zones in TSS. Sunderrock also has some decent quests you can do, that can aid the gear a bit.

    Not sure about the dungeons within the zones yet, I've mainly stuck to the outdoor portions of the zones, and haven't gone into the cave systems of many of the TSS zones, and I know some of them have higher loot drops and better exp rates, so someone that is more experienced with this please post.

    Also, I'm not too familiar with exact camps/mobs to farm in TSS for exp for this level range, as I'm in the next level range, so again, someone with more experience will have to post that as well.

    Well...figured I'd get us started anyways!

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    Default Re: Where to Fight (lvl 65 - 70)

    Hmmm, anyone with more posts/platinum than me at the moment feel like being generous and buying this a sticky? :P

    Thanks in advance!!

    Also, I'd love to see a guide to hunting grounds someone already 75, and a bit more experienced with the 70 to 75 grind than myself.


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