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Thread: Raiding Clr choices

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    Default Raiding Clr choices

    Just a word of advice, don't jump in feet first.. my major mistake, I recently left a guild, struggling with ToB and DoDh content, hell demi is still to this day looking like a fart in the wind, (invisable but there) and my reasons for leaving was of a good reasons... just unfortunate that those reasons were there basically...

    One thing i loved about this guild is they let clerics be clerics, let them form a strat togther, tru trial and error, didnt force them to make all kinda BS (as im gonna judge it) to be the best they can be..And raiding anguish was plenty to gear up, and raiding new content was awesome fun! frustraeting at times yea..

    Anyway things hit the fan, a few words crossed, and i /dis....happens at times..

    I app more so out of anger to a high ranking guild that took me in to my suprise!...woot grats me! i'm now an appy to the 3rd ranking guild on the srver, demi flagged (as i am) tob supreme! (as im all there) problem is, im no where geared for any of the content...

    BUT wait, does that matter? no, the elite new program is to perform as thier way, say as their way, eat a hamburger as their way..(as if im allready geared).am i happy? no... Everything I learned as a cleric (mana conservation, numbers. heal per cast time, buffs percastime efficiancy) was all thrown out there fit a start, that I couldnt even wish to achieve, and when failed, got a reaming ya wouldnt believe..

    Point is, that team is an awesome team, however the players of that team took a choice, not one I was willing to make, and now wish only to quit my class entirely, RL has limits as it is, I was a High level raiding mage in PoP, but then it was raid to get a flag, now days its group to get a key to get a flag to also get umphteen thousand AAs,

    Guess for most part, i missed the old, run in, clrs do what they "know" best, and perform a start,,,And took into consideration, which clr would die fastest, and atleat knew that was coming, and took into consideration which clr was weaker in spells, AAs hell even PC problems, and didnt ream them...

    Pont is, think before you decide, on that ultimate phat chance...Ya could be hateing somthing ya love alot,...The award isnt worth its color in gold, if the prize bites ya in tha ass..

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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    some quality guilds post openings on this board iirc

    i dont imagine all are like your experience

    i can see your pain

    but i wouldnt let it take my fun outta the game


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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    There's 2-3 parts to every guild that should be considered on moves - the content, loot and people.

    Under people I consider everything from the organization/structure of the guild, to the rules and whether the people actually follow them (or enforce them) in addition to the regular culture and how folks prefer to work on events.

    Some guilds do run as a dictator type system, they have a couple of folks who 'do' strats and no one else is allowed to contribute, and other guilds put their heads together and learn as a team.

    Thankfully my guild falls into the second one; in fact when we get recruits from higher guilds (yes some from higher still-active guilds have come down to us) we ask them to hold their strats to themselves, at least until they've seen us on the event 2+ times to see first off what we're doing, second what our regular raid makeup is and third how we prefer to deal in learning an event.

    With us, we first start trying the event with basically little information other than a quick scan on ala's. After a try or two, we post on the boards and ask for suggestions, feedback, thoughts on each aspect of the fight. For example on Redfang, we spent some time talking about placement on him, about the bat adds (which are mezzable, which should be kited, who should be involved and what group makeup, etc.). Then we put those suggestions in action, then we went back to the message board and chatted some more. We've even fought him once, with ONLY MA/SA on redfang, just so the raid could watch where adds spawned, and we could learn kite paths and check out how long we could last against the spawns, etc. Everyone got a chance to contribute.

    Some people just care about the content/loot (must have that win) but for me the people are just more important.

    That's one reason we let prospective members chat with our current members (server transfer experts who made the leap themselves or specific need folks like pacific players, introvert players, opinionated players who learned to adapt to our PG13+ style, etc.) We have folks of all types who act as references for us with new folks.

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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    Clr class has the highest burnout rate of all others, bards i believe to be next... point of topic is, dont get to far ahead of yaself, becaus it can totally burn ya out...

    when the fun and the love is gone, theres nothing left...

    Loot? i careless in fact I wish there was none, Content? was allways a PITA anyway...achance to play my class to it's fullest? always priceless...
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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    I can not speak to the specifics of the guild you are apping to or what the people there are really like or what the situation really is, but I know I love my guild and guildies very much. (*hugs Key, *yanks Jawk's beard) We remain a family guild and a raiding guild. The player behind the toon is the most important thing.

    I am sure there are guilds where both things remain important on every servor. I encourage you to seek a guild like that out if you are not happy. The truth is raiding should be fun! I love to raid not just because I am one crazy cleric, but because it gives me a chance to be with my guildies. I also think there is a learning curve to raiding that can be frustrating if you are not properly geared up. It can also take time to learn your role as a raider and that role maybe different depending on the event. I think its important to know for yourself what exactly is frustrating to you. Is it the attitude of the players, learning new events, or feeling like you are not fitting in.

    Remember your the one paying the montly subscription. If you don't like vanilla ice cream try some chocolate! I know the right guild is out there for your playing style. Good luck!

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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    We are lucky in that our class is on high need for almost any raiding guild, so we are usually able to bypass flag/gear/aa content that other classes have to struggle through before they can app in. I've only been in 3 guilds in 7.5 years, but I recently was LFguild and was able to look around and check out pretty much every guild on my server. The first winnowing tool was what content they were on, the second was whether they allowed guests to raid with them (not asking for loot/dkp/whatever, just to let someone check them out). Believe it or not, just those 2 criteria narrowed me down to a choice of 3. After that it was pretty simple to compare rules and the feeling I got from raiding with them.
    To many people loot is #1, but I would rather play with people that I have fun with than have to listen to a raidleader scream at people, or listen to people complain about how they should've gotten that loot.
    Not to sound elitist, but a good cleric has the best chance to find a guild, hands down. You'll find someone out there to fit you, just keep looking!
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    Default Re: Raiding Clr choices

    best guilds are the ones that recruit PEOPLE not toons.

    who cares how uber you are, or how good you are. if i can't stand to be around you, why would i want you in the guild?

    UF might be the toughest guild to get into, if not the toughest, for that above reason. we want people we can be with, and want to be with. not just grab anyone and rush off to the next mob.

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