She was exhausted. Her sharp features were veiled by a sleepy haze and her hands barely held tight to the warm mug of Qeynos Tea. Why they were serving Qeynos tea in Freeport was beyond her but she did not protest when her server brought it to her; mildly warm and thick with some unstirred mixture. It was not her original order, but it was also not her place to cause a scene. I am here to keep warm. I am here to find a moment of peace. She took a large gulp of the strange drink, probably not Qeynosian tea afterall now that she thought about it, and gritted her teeth as she swallowed it. Her throat was raw and her lips were chapped so even the warm liquid burned. She longed for a cold water. It would not help warm her insides but it would refresh her mind.

Awful music resonated throughout the dark tavern, but at least it was a constant. She could not bear to hear the clanking of glass or the rise and fall of drunken slurs. The human playing the gods-forsaken lute strummed unevenly and without regard for rhythm. He watched Cailleac's table with keen interest however. She smiled but her eyes remained icey like their coloring. Yes, keep staring you idiot. Let my energies revive themselves so I may zap the strings from your instrument... She entertained herself like this for a long while, her chin casually placed in the palm of her right hand. Her elbow resting on the dirty table, full of crumbs, and her long blue fingers rubbing the battered skin of her face.

She continued smiling and throwing mumbled insults in a reverie of sorts, which did not break until the instrument ceased. The musician had placed his lute on the bar top and called to the barkeep. "Taking a break, father!" Ah, so that explained it,she smirked. Nobody in their right frame of mind would hire a tone deaf bard unless they happened to be related and therefore obligated. She laughed at her own joke, quietly and with a rasp, but still a laugh. The day had been tough and without humor. It had taken its toll but there was still so much to do. She sighed once more, taking pity on her weary bones.

Another reverie came and went without much consideration for its contents. Cailleac was always in some sort of daydream nowadays. It usually consisted of a cozy bed and hours free to sleep. That is why, when the moist and grotesquely warm hand landed on her wrist, she jumped in her chair and bit back a scream. It was the human bard and he smiled smugly as he locked eyes with her. "Ahh, and here I had thought the lighting shadowed you. You are, in fact, a dark elf." His quirked eyebrow annoyed her to no end. Perhaps it was the exhaustion talking, but at the moment she would have given almost anything to pluck the tiny hairs out one by one. She smiled again at her own thoughts.

"Oh, I see. You cannot understand me." He nodded knowingly and pulled up a chair with all the grace of a Rhino. It squeaked along the unswept wooden floors. He sat while the chair creaked in protest. His stubble, light and uneven, signified his youth. He scratched it and rubbed the underside of his chin as if it were his crowning glory however. Cailleac again smiled. "You like?" His eyes brightened as he spoke in loud and broken tones, perhaps attempting to teach her bits and pieces of his language.

I can speak Elvish you idiot, she thought, but instead she smiled like a dullwitted child and nodded. "Dos ph' naut khurzon ulu v'ren l' tona' dal ussta zha'trass." She stated with slow blinking eyes. You are not worthy to lick the dirt from my boot. He seemed to like that and grinned obliviously.

She slowly slide her hands to her lap as he chattered about himself. Keep talking. She nodded some more. Her fingers wiggled in a fury beneath the tabletop as green sparks enveloped her blue hands. It proved harder to mentally work her magic than by chanting it openly, but the element of surprise would be worth it all. Small roots crept up through the floor boards. They wrapped loosely around the human's legs, ready for Cailleac's command.