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Thread: 2nd fix for TSS ORTIN - AA window

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    Default 2nd fix for TSS ORTIN - AA window

    here is the fix to add the TSS AA window.

    just unzip, drag and drop into your ortin folder.

    one more fix is all ithink, and that is the problem created with the new player window..IE no mana numbers. i will continue to try and get that done.

    if any need the complete fix so far, just PM me your e-mail addy and i can send all the fixes, or the complete ortin file in the color of your choice.

    i am sorry is taking me so long, but i am trying to lvl to 75! ;-P
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    Default Re: 2nd fix for TSS ORTIN - AA window


    I sent you a PM. Thank you for getting these fixes up cause I dont want to have to go back to a reg default ui. :,) You have gotten me hooked on this UI...



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