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    I love this ui and not sure the problem im having is related but 9 times out of 10 when i camp to change toons i get a grey screen, i can left click and drag it about and underneath is a lvl 0 warrior called loading,,,very odd i know lol,, i have to ctrl-alt-delete to get out and re run the patch which is driving me insane now,,
    Is this happening to anyone else or anyone know how to fix this problem please??

    Many thx

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    I don't think it's a problem specific to your UI. I run a UI as well (Delta X - modified) and I get the same screen. I'd think it's more of an EQ problem, as a UI would have no way to put a lvl 1 warrior named 'Loading' up... I haven't been able to log out successfully since the patch. Thankfully I'm only intending to play the one char atm.

    I know the dev's are having some dificulty with the char selection screen (something to do with the extra 2 slots for All Access users) and we'll probably just have to wait it out untill they get those details nailed down.

    But to test if it IS a UI problem... try switching to default before loging out to swich characters. I'll probably be doing that tonight to check myself.

    On farther inspection (logged in really quick at work... shhh, don't tell), I've found that it IS because of a UI that's not compatible with TSS. The character selection screen has totally changed and often, custom UI's change the look of that screen as well... the first time you log on, it's default, but when you log out, it will try to load in the graphics of your UI into the character selection screen, causing the 'gray screen of crash'...

    Reverting back to default before logging out does work, but it's a pain to do all the time. So it looks like a choice of doing it anyway until your UI gets updated, or switching UI's to something that will work 'till your UI gets updated.
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    Many thx, good to know,, ive been back to eq interface and it seems im not the only one having this problem so hopefully fingers crossed it will be resolved soon

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    find the loading screen part of your UI and then find the default one. drag and drop the default into your custom UI folder, POOF, fixed. (save custom one first just incase this creates another problem, can always put it back)

    anyone know the name of that file?

    sorry, i don't /blush

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    Kanon posted the updated version today, it fixes the gray screen of death issue.


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