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Thread: Best Options for Best performance?

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    Default Best Options for Best performance?

    I am having very bad lag, even in some old world zones. I was hoping someone could help me out with by telling me what are the best options to use if you have bad lag. I think I change too many options at once, 'cause it never seems like it helps whenever I do make a change in any of the display options. Last night I went in and started changing all kinds of options and than I couldn't see any pc's or npc's that were more than like 5 feet away. Had to ask in General how to fix, got that fixed back to normal. So any help at all in the options from either the main loading screen options and also in the Display options once you get your toon logged into the world would be very very much appreciated. Right now I have all the expansions but it kinda blows when it takes me 5 minutes to run thru some fog. Thankyou in advance for any help.

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    Here's the steps I'd suggest for pulling maximum preformance outta EQ.

    First, make sure you have the latest version of DirectX and the latest drivers for your graphics card installed.

    Second... go to your task tray (by the clock in the lower right of the screen in windows) and turn off all unneccessary programs... Messengers, and such.

    Third, only if you know what your doing:
    Hit Ctrl+Alt+Delete and turn off any tasks that you know are not nessissary, windows media, java, windows update etc.

    Now load up EQ... At the Everquest Login Screen, hit 'options'
    Turn off all detailed character models except for those you use a mount on. (you can only use a mount if you have the detailed characters models for that particular race on) and 'Horses and Elementals'. If you never use a mount, turn em all off. EQ will look like ass, but it'll be fast. Hit 'Next'

    Uncheck all the boxes (Texture caching can still be used if you like), set texture quality to 'Low' and drop the resolution as low as you can stand to play.

    These changes alone can make a huge difference in EQ's preformance. Now we gotta make sure your not taking all those increases away with 'quality' in-game settings.

    In the in-game Options menu - Display Options:
    Set Sky Type, to Off
    Level of Detail - click so it's off
    Set Far Clip Plane to less than 50% (reduce this more, later, if you still need improvement)
    Max Frames per Second: move slider to 30 (can be reduced farther if needed, but it will 'force' it to look choppy at lower settings)

    Spell Particles:
    Near Clip: Near, Density: Off, On for: My spells
    Env Particles:
    Near Clip: Near, Density: Off
    Player Particles:
    Near Clip: Near, Density: Off, On For: Me

    Advanced Tab:
    Turn every option box off (if you can)
    Dynamic Sky Reflection Size: Tiny
    Sky Reflection Update Interval: Once per minute
    Terrain Texture Quality: Minimum
    Double check that shadows is turned off... this is a huge bite in preformance.
    Actor clip plane I like to leave somewhere in the middle... don't want to aggro mobs 'cause you've simply clipped em out

    Many 'Advanced' Options only take effect after you zone... so zone somewhere else and see how it runs.

    If you still need to turn things down, then reduce Far Clip Plane, and actor clip plane a bit at a time. If they're being turned dangerously low (again, being able to see terrain and mobs is a factor) then start turning down Max. Frames Per Second.

    That's all the options and tweaking I can think of... Oh and the command /shownames 1 can help a bit too... it reduces everyone's name to their first name, removing titles, surnames and guild names... /shownames all resotres it to full (numbers can be from 1 to 4 for different variations in between).

    Hope this helps... and good luck... EQ will look like ass, but it will become playable even on many of the oldest machines.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of machine are you playing it on... CPU Speed, RAM and Graphics Card?

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