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Thread: Anyone Using Linux for EQ

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    Default Anyone Using Linux for EQ

    Curiosity has gotten to me again.

    How many are using Linux as their OS of choice for EQ. Would like to know which version of the kernel you are running and if you have any major comments/complaints about it.

    Thinking of Partitioning my HHD and installing a version of Linux. Would like some advice and guidance.


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    Default Re: Anyone Using Linux for EQ

    I was, until an issue with my hard drive erased all my settings. Haven't gotten it to work since then, got tired of trying. Will probably go back and try again though, I prefer Linux to Windows any day.

    But anyway, it worked like a charm until the hard drive issue.
    I run Debian Linux, using Cedega (subscription, so 5.1 or whatever the latest is at the moment) and an NVidia FX5200 with the latest drivers from NVidia running on kernel 2.6.15.

    My only issues is with getting Cedega to run it properly - had problems getting it to accept non-windowed mode, and of course I can't seem to get it working properly at all right now. But it's been a couple of months since I last tried, maybe that will be today's project ;P

    I think on a clean install it would behave better, so you shouldn't have the same issues I am having now I found memory handling to be better when playing in Linux, so overall the game actually worked better in Linux than in Windows for me. Your mileage may vary. Could never box in Linux though, not sure if Cedega is the problem there or not though.

    Do you have experience in Linux or are you wanting to try it on? Getting EverQuest up and running is a bit of a steep first step if not But I would heartily recommend that you try it, actually getting EQ running isn't that hard now that I think about it. Just the whole setting up of graphics card and then tweaking Cedega a bit and you're there

    Any specific questions, let me know. I check this board from time to time.

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    Default Re: Anyone Using Linux for EQ

    Have read abit here and there. Have a link to a site that talks about running EQ on linux; will have to dig it up and reread it. I have Red Hat 5.1, but the book that came with it was dated back in 1998, and browsing RH's website it appears that they are two major versions up from that (7.x).

    Have VERY little exp with Linux or even Unix. My comp experience is with Windows almost exclusively--from 3.x on up.

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    Default Re: Anyone Using Linux for EQ is where Cedega comes from, it works well until there is a patch. Takes a few days to get the bugs worked out each time.


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