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Thread: Cleric/ranger duo at 70?

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    Default Cleric/ranger duo at 70?

    I'm looking for suggestions where to duo with my husband's ranger, both lvl 70. We just want a quiet place to grind AA together really. Sometimes I just want to play quietly with my honey, ya know? I think he's up to about 10k hit points with my buffs these days, and has his defensives up to LR5.

    So is there anywhere we could grind out maybe a couple or 3 AA in an evening?
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    Default Re: Cleric/ranger duo at 70?

    The undead mobs in Arcstone seem to be really good exp. Your hubby can keep them rooted and snared while you either range/DoT them to death, or you tank and your hubby does ranged dps. It all depends upon your level of gear as to which method is faster.
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    Default Re: Cleric/ranger duo at 70?

    Arcstone would probably be better exp, but another good place is Noble's Causeway. My ranger friend (the original good friend who got me addicted to this life) uses Kaellon to trio in NC all the time with his Shaman and his Ranger. Both of his toons, and my cleric are 69, so you shouldn't have any problems. The only thing about Arcstone I would say would be tough is the fact that they all probably flurrie, rampage, summon etc. That can get annoying.


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