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    Whoos and Sanlacy were on their honeymoon and getting ready for a swim in Lake Rathetear when a stranger with a warning stopped them.

    “My name is Shmendrik Lavawalker. The Riptide goblin king, Lord Bergurgle has been commanding his minions to murder and rob all who come near the lake! I am here seeking his death but I am afraid I am no match for all of his subjects. I shall reward you greatly for the death of Lord Bergurgle. I simply ask that you bring me his crown as proof.? Said the stranger

    “Leave him to us.? Answered Whoos. Whoos and Sanlacy swam to the Goblin King’s underwater tower. They snuck past the guards and found themselves a place to wait above the upper floor of the tower, which was Bergurgle’s bedchamber. Whoos and Sanlacy were there for several hours waiting for the king to come up so they decided to have a little roll in the king’s bed since he wasn’t going to need it very much longer anyway. They were in the middle of their fun when one of Bergurgle’s attendants came up to check on things. The fight didn’t last long as Whoos was quite upset about the interruption. Sanlacy rooted the Goblin in place and Whoos called upon the power of Mithaniel Marr to strike him down. The honeymooners went back to their previous activity and then returned to their hiding place. A few hours later King Bergurgle finally came up. When he saw the condition of his bed he tried to call out for the chambermaid to have her flogged but Whoos came in and knocked him out with his Soulstripper while Sanlacy hit Bergurgle with several spells that killed him slowly. Whoos took the king’s crown and they left the underwater lair. Whoos and Sanlacy returned to Shmendrik and handed him the crown. Shmendrik Lavawalker shoved the crown into a scorch marked leather satchel and cackled uncontrollably as madness twisted his features and flames dance in his eyes. “You have reduced the Riptides into chaos!? He exclaimed. “Without a king to keep them in control, they will ravage the settlements surrounding this lake! After the slaughter, I shall return and easily burn the remainder of the villages and fishing shanties to the ground! None shall escape the fires of the Tyrant!!?

    A priestess came running across the water from the Aviak Island “The Triumvirate of Water has decreed your fate, Shmendrik Lavawalker!!? She Shouted. “I am here to deliver said fate!!?

    “I'll slay you like I slaughtered your fellow missionaries! The Triumvirate cannot decide the fate of a follower of the Tyrant!!?

    “Enough!! Your existence has come to an end!? Whoos, seeing that he had made a grievous mistake, joined the priestess in the battle against Shmendrik, who had turned into a spirit of flame. Shmendrik died quickly. “I am Natasha Whitewater, a priestess of the Triumvirate of Water. The Riptide goblins must have their crown returned to them. If you would be so kind as to give me the crown I will make sure that it reaches them. Hopefully they are capable enough to repair the damage that has been done to it.? Whoos grabbed the crown from Shmendrik’s satchel and gave it to Natasha. “I will have this crown returned to the Riptide Goblins immediately! Should you ever come across an Erudite named Omat Vastsea, give him this seashell. The waters of Norrath shimmer with awareness of your deeds here today!?

    “I am so sorry for the trouble I have started here M’lady. Where can I find Omat Vastsea??

    “Last I heard he was in Timorous Deep in a secluded place.?

    “Thank you M’lady.? Whoos and Sanlacy departed for Greater Faydark to seek Zephistophiles. No one of all of Whoos’ acquaintances had more knowledge of Norrath and it’s history than Gilliadson’s Chronicler. Whoos and Sanlacy found Zephistophiles in a tavern in Kelethin and related their tale to him, leaving out the part of their goings on in the king’s bed.

    “Sounds like the island in Timorous Deep that has two underwater entrances you have ta go through ta get ta it. Sometimes Faydedar is in there but not very often. And he’ll only bother ye if ye go swimming in his pond in there. There is an inn there and it’s quite peaceful there.? Zephistophiles pulled out a map and spread it on a table. “This is the island and here are the two tunnels. Take care my friend. If ye need any further assistance, let me know. Gilliadson would gladly help ye as would I.?

    “Thank you Zephistophiles. I shall keep that in mind. I know not what I am going to be running into on this quest.? Whoos picked up the map and departed for Timorous Deep. They swam through the underwater tunnels and found the little resort just as Zephistophiles described it. Whoos found an Erudite standing outside the Inn. “Are you Omat Vastsea??

    Omat Vastsea bowed deeply. “I have been expecting you. The waters have foretold your arrival. I am High Priest Omat Vastsea of the Triumvirate missionaries. Please feel free to enjoy the quiet solitude of this inn.?

    “Who are the Triumvirate??

    “The Triumvirate of Water are: E'ci, the mistress of ice; Tarew Marr, the lord of water; and Povar, the formless master of vapor and mist. We Triumvirate missionaries are granted great divinatory powers and wisdom through our devotion to the Triumvirate and must defend the waters of Norrath from the ravages of the Tyrant of Fire, Fennin Ro.?

    “Who is Fennin Ro??

    “The Tyrant of Fire, Fennin Ro, is the merciless lord of fire in all its forms. The rivalry between the tyrant and the Triumvirate is as old as the gods themselves and is an eternal battle. We witness the struggle every moment of our lives as the Oasis of Marr succumbs to the heat of the surrounding desert and is replenished by the swelling of the Lifire River. That fragile balance between the elements must be maintained but the Plasmatic Priesthood threatens that balance.?

    “Who are the Plasmatic Priesthood??

    “The Plasmatic Priesthood are worshipers of the Tyrant of Fire, but they have been driven mad by their fanaticism and have forgotten the importance of the balance. In their madness they would set the whole world aflame, leaving nothing but lifeless ash.? Whoos gave Omat the ornate seashell that Natasha gave to him. “So, you are a friend of Natasha's? That is good to see. She is a very wise and gifted woman. The Riptide goblins have adopted a new king but are still in a vulnerable state until his subjects accept his rule. The Plasmatic Priesthood is aware of the weakened state of the Riptides and has convinced the Fire Peak goblins to strike against them. Although I do not agree with the mannerisms or actions of any goblin clan, such a war would be detrimental to all who are caught in its path. Lord Gimblox of the Fire Peak clan has been meeting with a member of the Plasmatic Priesthood in the Temple of Solusek Ro. Locate the Plasmatic Priest, hand him this statue to hinder his powers, then eliminate him and bring me his robe.? Whoos and Sanlacy returned to Greater Faydark and spoke with Zephistophiles again.

    “Ye are going ta need some help with this one, Whoos. Let me get Gilliadson and see what he thinks. Plasmatic Priests are quite strong and may require more than just ye and yer lovely wife ta take down. And from the sound o’ things, I would suggest that ye and Sanlacy go take out Lord Gimblox. That will restore balance between the Fire Lord and the Triumvirate. I will have Gilliadson and whoever else he decides ta bring meet ye at the Temple o’ Solusek Ro after ye’ve dispatched the fire goblin king. Oh and stay out o’ trouble.?

    “Thank you again Zephistophiles.? Whoos and Sanlacy departed to Solusek’s Eye to kill Lord Gimblox.

    Whoos and Sanlacy quietly made their way to Lord Gimblox’s bedchamber. The couple was in there for a few hours staring at Gimblox’s bed when the urge became more than they could take. So, they jumped into the Kings bed and had some honeymoon fun while they waited for the king. Well Gimblox wasn’t going to need the bed for very much longer anyway. Whoos and Sanlacy had just finished up when Gimblox walked into the room. Sanlacy knocked him out with her Soulstripper and Whoos called upon the power of Mithaniel Marr to smite him. Whoos grabbed the king’s signet ring and they left for the Temple. Upon arrival, Whoos and Sanlacy met up with Gilliadson, Obsecion and Sineliniel.

    “Greetings friends!? Said Whoos. “Thank you all for coming to aid me.?

    “Always up to assist a friend, Whoos.? Said Gilliadson.

    “There is a certain seeker in here that is a plasmatic priest. I must give him this statue, which will reveal him and hinder his powers. I am glad that you brought Sineliniel. She will be quite useful in this endeavor. After I give him the statue Sineliniel must summon me to here. We need to kill him here by the entrance to keep the other priests here from killing him.? The group set up and Whoos entered the Temple. Whoos found the right seeker and handed him the statue. The seeker shook violently as his hand closed on the coral statue and flames dance in the depths of his eyes! The statue began to emit a reddish glow then shattered in a burst of fire and smoke! The flames in the plasmatic priest's eyes vanished with the explosion and only madness remained!

    “The Triumvirate thinks that destroying my spirit of flame will stop me? I will kill you all now, the goblins will continue to war, and when my spirit is restored I will ensure that Ixiblat Fer consumes all of Norrath in his flames!!? Sineliniel summoned Whoos to the group who then shouted back in to the plasmatic priest.

    “Come get me! I am at the entrance Fool!? This enraged the priest even more and he came charging to the entrance of the temple. Sineliniel sent Fluffy, her elemental pet, to attack the priest and immediately began casting spells. Gilliadson and Obsecion drew their swords and started swinging at the priest. The battle lasted until the priest’s magical skin wore off and the blades of the two knights started slicing into flesh. Whoos Took the priest’s blood soaked robe. “Thank you my friends. I must now return to Timorous Deep to deliver this robe.? Whoos bowed to his friends and departed with Sanlacy.

    Whoos and Sanlacy walked up to Omat and handed him the robe.

    Omat Vastsea said, “You have proven yourself to be one who is willing to take responsibility for his own actions. Such a trait is desired by all deities to be present in their faithful. I pray that you had the wisdom to slay Lord Gimblox as well as the Plasmatic Priest in order to prevent further advancement in the incursion against the Riptides. Priestess Natasha awaits inside the inn for Lord Grimblox’s ring, make haste for she is a busy women and will depart soon.? Omat gave Whoos an Orb of Frozen Water. Whoos went inside the inn and found Natasha and handed her the signet ring.

    Natasha Whitewater said, “Thank you for your services thus far. The Triumvirate missionaries are, so far, impressed. However, there is yet another threat rising from the Plasmatic Priesthood that may have dire effects on all of Norrath if it is not stopped. An Iksar member of the Triumvirate missionaries has discovered that the Plasmatic Priesthood has somehow convinced the sarnak summoners of Chardok to assist them in summoning Ixiblat Fer to Norrath. Take this shell to Naxot Deepwater in the Burning Woods so that she knows I have sent you. We ask that you return with the Scepter of Ixiblat Fer as well as evidence to show that the Plasmatic Priesthood is dealing with sarnaks. High Priest Omat will await your return. I must depart now. I pray for your success.? Whoos and Sanlacy bowed to Natasha who then left the island. The couple decided to get a room at the inn for the night.

    “Sanlacy, I love you dearly.?

    “And I love you too Whoos. Let’s see what that tongue of yours can do.? Sanlacy grabbed Whoos and held him close. He kissed her like only a Froglok could. They jumped into the bed and had another round of fun that lasted for several hours. Before they drifted off to sleep Sanlacy looked into his eyes. “You are the best lover in all the land.?

    “My darling I would die a happy frog resting in your arms.? The couple then fell asleep.

    Whoos and Sanlacy Awoke in the morning and departed for Greater Faydark to consult Zephistophiles.

    “Ixiblat Fer, he’s a real bad one. Let me send a dispatch to Shinu. He’s got some friends that are getting ready ta go kill Lord Nagafen soon. Perhaps he can talk them inta helping ye.? Zephistophiles called for a young bard. “Deliver this note ta Shinu Swiftpaw of Shar Vahl. He is in New Tanaan right now.? The young bard took off. “Now we await the reply. Go grab a room at the Inn here ye two.? Whoos and Sanlacy went to the Inn and got a room.

    The next morning they joined Zephistophiles for breakfast. Poor Zephistophiles looked very tired.

    “Good morning Zephistophiles!? Said Sanlacy.

    “You look tired today old friend.? Remarked Whoos. “Didn’t you sleep last night??

    “Who could sleep with all the noise coming from the Inn last night? Sounded like a couple o’ Banshee’s in heat! Ne’er heard a Barbarian cry out ‘Who’s yer daddy?’ before.?

    “Oh Zephistophiles! I am so sorry. But I was really screaming Whoos’ name. I was screaming Whoos Urdaddi.? Said Sanlacy.

    “Oh well.? Said Zephistophiles. “Have some breakfast with me. My messenger should be returning soon with Shinu’s answer.? Sometime after breakfast, the messenger returned and handed a note to Zephistophiles. “Well it looks like we’re on for Ixiblat Fer. Get to Burning Woods and go see Naxot there to get her to help as well. Shinu and his friends will be there waiting for you.? Whoos and Sanlacy left for the Burning Woods. They found Naxot there and greeted her.

    “Hail, Naxot Deepwater.? Said Whoos

    Naxot Deepwater said, “Beware these woods! The sarnak claim this land as their own and wicked creatures walk beneath the burning foliage.? Whoos gave Naxot the shell from Natasha. “Praise the Triumvirate! Natasha sent you just in time! Those twisted sarnak summoners are summoning Ixiblat Fer as we speak! We must stop Ixiblat Fer while he is still weak or all of Norrath may be set aflame! Please do me one more favor, should I perish to this beast of fire. Give this note to Natasha when you next see her, and if you should perish and I survive, I will make sure the waters never forget your reflections of your deeds this day.? Whoos, Sanlacy and Naxot ran to join Shinu and his friends at the place where Ixiblat was being summoned. Energies coalesced and a portal opened. I large fire elemental floated through the portal and hovered before the small army. A stream of flame shot out from Ixiblat and engulfed Naxot. The group attacked the creature. Magicians sent in their pets and summoned blades to slash Ixiblat. Warriors and paladins charged the monster with their swords swinging. Whoos and other priests kept the warriors alive throughout the battle with their prayers. Sanlacy added her own shaman spells to the mix both healing the combatants and slowly killing Ixiblat. Ixiblat’s time in our plane was very short-lived. Whoos grabbed the scepter from the body of Ixiblat before it dissolved back to it’s own plane.

    “My friends!? Shinu addressed the small army. “We must now take the fight to the Sarnaks for attempting to bring such evil into our world. Rest up and set watches for the night for on the morrow we march to Chardok to slay the Overking Bathezid for his stupidity.? The group set up camp and rested for the night. Whoos snuggled into Sanlacy’s bosom while she gently stroked his head. It wasn’t long before the Froglok priest was asleep in her arms.

    In the morning, the group packed up and marched to Chardok. The small army swept through Chardok all the way to the overking’s chamber and killed him quickly. Whoos found a singed scroll on Bathezid’s body that read:

    “Greetings Overking Bathezid. The time has come for you to return the boon owed to me from so long ago. I have need of your most powerful summoners to bring Ixiblat Fer into the mortal realm and rain fire upon my enemies. Your old friend, Zordak Ragefire.?

    Whoos and Sanlacy returned to Omat with the scepter and the scroll.

    Omat Vastsea said, “I commend you on your success over the fire elemental lord, Ixiblat Fer. The fact that the Plasmatic Priesthood has mustered up the power to summon such a being means drastic actions must be taken to stop the fanatic cult of Fennin Ro. I wonder what kind of favor Zordak Ragefire performed for the sarnak summoners to convince them to assist in the ritual that brought forth Ixiblat Fer. The dragon Iksar hybrid abominations are not beings who ally with others easily. All I have seen in my divinations of the High Plasmatic Priest are riddles, and signs that the one who slays him may be awarded an Orb of the Triumvirate. If you are the one whom my visions foretell, then seek Zordak Ragefire and bring me his heart.? Omat gave Whoos an Orb of Clear Water. Whoos and Sanlacy got a room at the inn again to rest up. In the morning, they found Natasha in the lobby. Whoos gave Natasha the note from Naxot. Natasha lowered her head in mourning and whispered a prayer. It is a shame that fate has decided one so young and from such a background should perish, but we must not attempt to change what was destined to be. Priestess Naxot sacrificed herself selflessly so that others may be spared the horrors Ixiblat would have brought to Norrath. May the waters of Norrath forever remember her reflection. I thank you for delivering Naxot's message to me and give you this pearl imbued with the power of the Triumvirate. Should you find Zordak Ragefire, speak with him before all else and hold this pearl before him. No mortal enemy of the Triumvirate can resist its enchantments.'

    Whoos and his wife returned to Zephistophiles for another consultation.

    “Zordak Ragefire, ye say?? Said Zephistophiles. “I think Shinu mentioned something about seeing him in Nagafen’s Lair during one o’ his scouting missions in there. Shinu and his friends are there as we speak getting ready to kill Nagafen.? If ye hurry, ye can catch him there and find out about this Zordak. Afterward you can find Warder Cecilia in the Skyfire Mountains. She can tell you what to do so they can use essence that is absorbed into that pearl. She is the Triumvirate Priesthoods expert in such matters. I have been doing a lot of research lately into the battle between these two priesthoods and their gods.

    “Thank you again Zephistophiles. Your knowledge seems to be limitless.?

    “I’ve done lots o’ studyin’ in me lifetime.? Whoos departed for Nagafen’s Lair.

    When they entered the lair, Whoos found bodies of Kobolds, spiders and bats strewn all over the place. They continued to the ledge leading to King Tranix’s throne room. Whoos saw a priest on the other side of the lava wearing a robe like the one he got from the plasmatic priest.

    “Hail, Zordak Ragefire.?

    Zordak Ragefire stared at Whoos with unblinking eyes. A wide grin crossed Zordak's face and flames flickered in the depths of his eyes. “Welcome to the new fortress of the Plasmatic Priesthood! It's a shame about Lord Nagafen's untimely death, really it is! Such a powerful and noble creature should not perish at the hands of mortals.? Whoos held the pearl he received from Natasha before Zordak and the pearl changed as it absorbed some of Zordak’s thoughts. Whoos and Sanlacy went to Skyfire Mountains and found Gilliadson and friends as well as Shinu and his friends waiting for him.

    “Zephistophiles thought you may need us here Whoos.? Said Gilliadson.

    “Zephistophiles is a wise bard.? Said Whoos. “I do not know what is in store for me here so. Do we have a ranger here to find Warder Cecilia?? A Wood Elf Ranger stepped forward and bowed before Whoos.

    “Follow me.? Said the ranger and the group took off into the mountains. The ranger led them to Warder Cecilia while avoiding the dangerous creatures there.

    “Warder Cecilia?? Asked Whoos.

    “Greetings, you have made excellent time. We received word that Zordak was gathering his power here, and we still have little knowledge of his true intentions. Scattered throughout these mountains there are small Pearlescent Shards, binding four of these shards together within a Box of Binding should allow me to create a Seal. This seal, when fused with a Swirling Pearl inside Zordak's heart should allow our seers to divine his true intentions, even after he has been slain. Once you have the seal I will release Zordak, make haste I will not be able to hold him for long.? Cecilia gave Whoos the box of binding. Whoos’ friends scattered around the mountains looking for the shards. When they found four of them, Whoos did as instructed. He then gave the assembled shard to Cecilia and received from her a pearlescent seal.

    Zordak Ragefire appeared and immediately attacked Whoos. The whole group jumped Zordak and killed him. A large dragon appeared and attacked the group. The battle lasted for several hours as the group battled tirelessly against the dragon. Several members died in that battle including Shinu but they were victorious. Gilliadson cut out the heart of the dragon and gave it to Whoos. Whoos put the swirling pear and the seal the Cecilia gave him inside the heart.

    Whoos and Sanlacy headed back to the Timorous Deep and gave the heart to Omat Vastsea. Omat gave Whoos an Orb of Vapor.

    Omat Vastsea said, “I see now that Zordak Ragefire and the exiled elder dragon Zordakalicus were the same being. That explains how he resisted our attempts to divine his affairs and past. Each of these orbs I have granted you represents one of the Triumvirate. Jhassad Oceanson waits on the shore below to perform the ritual that will merge the orbs into a single Orb of the Triumvirate and summon an avatar from the Plane of Water. Present the Orb of the Triumvirate to the Avatar of Water when it arrives and allow your destiny to be unraveled.?

    Whoos and Sanlacy went to the shore below and handed the three orbs to Jhassad Oceanson. Jhassad Oceanson knelt in the sand and placed the three orbs into a large abalone shell bowl. A blue glow surrounded his hands as he waved them over the orbs resting in the bowl. The orbs cracked and fell apart, releasing their contents, then reformed into a single glowing orb. Jhassad Oceanson gently removed the Orb of the Triumvirate and placed it in Whoos’ hands.

    “The Avatar of Water approaches.? Jhassad said. “You must hand him the Orb of the Triumvirate and it will be decided if it is your destiny to wield the Nem Ankh Sprinkler.?

    The Avatar of Water appeared before Whoos. Whoos knelt before the Avatar and presented the Orb to him. The Avatar smiled and said, “Well done.? Suddenly a sprinkler appeared in Whoos’ hands. “This sprinkler has the power to restore life to anyone slain if they are not too long dead. It will also restore most of their memories. Go forth and use it wisely.? Whoos returned to the site of the battle against the Zordak dragon and used the sprinkler to recall the slain friends back to life. The whole group assembled in New Tanaan for a party and congratulated Whoos on his new Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh. After the Party Whoos and Sanlacy got themselves a room at the inn there in New Tanaan and had another wonderful night of wedded bliss.

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    Nice story!~

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    Very nice story. =)



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