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    I've almost given up trying to get my 2.0 because of this stupid camp. Any tips or pointers on what I should hunt in order to get the bottom piece of an engraved signet? I've got access to a 70 mage and my cleric. I've tried hunting only nocs and ukuns because some people said they had better luck with those and I've tried ae bombing 2-4 at a time with no luck. Any tips, help in the form of advice, or pointers would be appreciated.
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    just keep it up :-(

    i got mine in the "court yard" as you come out of the tunnel from...omg, mind blank atm....umm....oh the DS zoneline side of the zone. at least i was getting exp and some pp and a couple items off of the few minor named that roam around. not as bad as some of the damn 1.0 camps that were all green mobs ;-P

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    If ya know where the ranger 1.5 epic camp is in Bloodfields that is a good spot , Area past the bridge is best spot imo..

    You'll get it just be patient/smile

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    Alla says, and it worked for me...

    a noc flashblade (Level: 56)
    an ikaav castigator (Levels: 53 - 55)

    Pull these mobs and it will drop. Fairly quickly.

    I have seen them drop at least one in four, and never seen them drop off anything else.
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    I just went along to the middle of the zone (before the the bridge/tunnel) and up left, in that area I killed everything I could get my hands on and it dropped. It is just about being persistant. Good luck!
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    I did this in 10 min me and a monk friend ran around while he killed all dropped within 10 min.

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    I have solo'd the entire zone for 6 days with no drops. At level 80, use Vow of Valor and Mark of Blameless, soloing is very easy. Killed almost all mobs including most named. I was begining to think I was farming the wrong zone. Finally, day 6, I had a lvl 59 druid join me for factioning and PLing and I got 2 drops in the courtyard at the end of the tunnel from the DS zone in back-to-back followed by a duplicate top section about an hour later. Druid went from lvl 59 to 61 and got 1 AA in the time the 3 drops came so, not a fast camp by any means. Still missing the bottom peice, doing day number 7 grind now, trying for the bottom peice of the signet.
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    the bottom piece was the last and most taxing for meh

    Keyera's loc is where i finally got my drp




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