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    Just curious, but is there a specific reason for not upgrading the forums to a newer vbulletin version? I would assume it's a money issue, in which case: What's your hosting situation like currently? How much income are you recieving from IGE? Board donations? I can't imagine that the site sees too much traffic anymore, but what kind of numbers are you logging (hits, link clicks, things of that nature)?

    If it's another reason please feel free to share, but I'd like to know about the numbers behind the board too.

    Thanks in advance!

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    To answer your questions as best as I can:

    The current configuration is a heavily modified version of vBulletin, so upgrading to vBulletin 3 is in the works but can't happen overnight. Specifically, it will take some work in the coding department to keep some of the features that have been added to EQ Cleric over time. So, your assumption about money is not so correct as it would be if you assumed time were the culprit.

    The hosting situation is solid and only getting better with improvements in the platform planned for the near future.

    I can't speak for the IGE income and wouldn't if I could. Donations have tapered off to nearly nill, hence the need for IGE to keep the site online... servers don't pay for themselves. Since you seem so interested in donations, I should note that if you do contribute in the form of a donation, you won't see the IGE banners at all.

    I believe it is sufficient to say that the traffic of the site is enough to keep IGE interested in advertising here but that the traffic has roughly kept pace with the MMOG community's interest in EverQuest and to a lesser extent, EverQuest II. In other words, yes, the site does still have enough traffic to easily justify its own existence.

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    Glad to hear that EQC is still up and strong. Been a lurker for a longgggggggggggg time, and a short while on this account. Hope to start posting and becoming active
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    We recently lost the contract with IGE due to internal restructuring on their part. So at this point the site is relying on donations.
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