Sebass waddled over to Lebreathdevie with a very large, very full, mug in hand. “Whatcha doin’, Non Mist?? he asked with a slur of words, and a heavy Dwarven accent.

The High Elf sat a little straighter in her seat and gave the Dwarf a slightly condescending look. “I’m studying, Sebass. And I do not wish to be disturbed.?

“Well, excuse me, M’Lady,? said Sebass sarcastically. “Just looked like ya needed a bit of a drink. Yer back looks a little stiff. But if ya don’t want it…? he paused to down the mug of ale. “Mighty fine ale! Mighty fine. I thinks I’ll go an’ get another.?

Lebreathdevie watched Sebass stumble back to the bar, which was being run by and equally drunk Gandon. ‘The Dwarven bar’, she thought, ‘where one can’t find anything sensible like tea, which sounds very good right now. Sebass gave me a headache.’ After carefully marking her place in the book of scripts she was reading, Lebreathdevie walked over to the bar at the opposite side of the tavern. She could see, through the doorway to the kitchen, Stahrfollower putting a loaf of bread into the oven.

“It sure is a good thing no one needs me to bake – my bread always burns.? She muttered quietly to herself. In a louder voice, she called for Stahrfollower. “Do you still have any Qeynos Tea?? she asked. “Hot, please.? She added when he nodded his head.

A roar of laughter erupted from the other bar. Most likely Sebass had told another “joke? and Gandon was drunk enough to think it funny. Andronna shot the two a dirty look, which Sebass happened to see (how, being so drunk as he was and with only one eye, no one was quiet sure). He staggered over to the red-clad paladin with his liquid confidence.

“So, Brighty, ya think yer better than me?? Most of his words ran together, but Andronna managed to catch them all.

“Well, I don’t let myself get intoxicated every night!? she said haughtily. “I am a woman of honor and I have too much self-respect to waste my money on such things.? Sebass, confused by all the big words, just spit and made his way back to his fellow Dwarf.

An explosion went off a while later from the corner of the room followed by a surprised meow. When the smoke cleared, Nabmaben began muttering apologies in between comments to himself on how that shouldn’t have gone wrong. Ignoring his singed clothes, and Rolnar’s singed nose (the cat, of course, had been poking too close to something he shouldn’t have) he began digging into his bags for more gears and springs and bolts.

“Enjoying your book, Light dweller?? someone asked with contempt, right behind Lebreathdevie’s ear. Her back stiffened even more than it had when Sebass had come over.

“Hopefully, you will see the love the Great Mother has for all things, even you Mesmor. But that does not mean I have to associate with you. I will have nothing to do with evil or the Dark Prince. Go away.? Lebreathdevie’s voice was just as stiff as her back.

“Don’t you want to come play, cousin?? The last word dropped with sarcasm and hatred.

“I refuse to believe we are related. If Tunare chooses to redeem your soul, so be it, but I will have nothing to do with you until then.?

“As you wish,? Mesmor said with a mocking bow before sneaking away to the basement.

Before Lebreathdevie could return to her book, the door banged open. An Ogre smashed in carrying an armful of logs. “Meez cut one tree wif one swing. Gud axe meez got. Meez bring burn-y logs.? Llipsmacker put the logs down by the fireplace and turned around to find an arrow in his face with a very angry Dawnrider behind it.

“How dare you cut down a tree? You brainless Ogre! Don’t you ever learn? I could…I could…? Dawnrider continued screaming at the Ogre angrily.

Llipsmacker shrugged while she stammered about what she would do to him. He picked her up, set her out of his way, and walked back out the door. Dawnrider let her words fade as she watched him leave, utterly appalled that he had ignored her. Aoleni, however, sat by the stack of firewood, crying softly and saying prayers to Tunare for the tree.

“Treehuggers,? Sebass muttered under his breath with a shake of his head. A second later he looked shocked at finding himself pinned to the wall by an arrow through his sleeve.

“Now, now, Dawn,? her husband, Stahrfollower said. “Why don’t you go hunt some rabbit? I need to make some more stew. Oh, and can you try to find some spices, please??

Sebass looked up at Stahrfollower as the High Elf pulled the arrow out of the wall and the Dwarf’s sleeve. “Dontcha get tired of makin rabbit stew, Skirt??

“Would you rather I let Dawnrider cook? I think I know what kind of stew she would make tonight.?

“No thanks, mate,? Sebass said, missing the hint. “Your girl burns the meal. You keep at it.?

After having enough interruptions, both Andronna and Lebreathdevie announced they would be retiring to their rooms for the evening. Aoleni also said she needed some sleep. The Dwarves let everyone know that there was plenty of ale to go ‘round before passing out by their mugs. Rolnar curled up by the fire for a nap, and Stahrfollower busied himself brewing tea and making a pie.

It was finally quiet enough to hear the music Stice, who cared about nothing besides his music, had been playing the whole night.