View Poll Results: How enthusiastic are you about new content in each expansion?

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  • There is no limit to the new things that can be done

    11 52.38%
  • All the big twists have been implemented, everything else is minor adjustments

    2 9.52%
  • Every expansion now is just a rehash of whats been done

    5 23.81%
  • I have no clue what to expect, The Devs continually amaze me

    3 14.29%
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Thread: How confident are you that truly new content is possible?

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    Default How confident are you that truly new content is possible?

    Every expansion amazes me with the level of creativity involved - always new un-thought-of twists
    -B. Battleshield

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    Default Re: How confident are you that truly new content is possible?

    I really like the new PoR expansion. Not only is it pleasing to the eye, but our guild has pretty much done everything up to that point (just need to beat the queen for demi-plane) and we're tired of farming the same stuff every week. So everyones been really excited, we were all the first to get ToB access and we've been the first guild on the server to beat a bunch of mobs and get Daosheen's Chamber access. So everyones having a great time.

    I really liked the OOW expansion, it had a bunch of good AAs and I liked the lvl increase and new zones for hunting, not to mention the new epics. The DON expansion is great for exp groups and getting fast cash hehe. GOD didn't really do anything for me, all the zones look the same. I never got into the LDON thing. And I still think POP is still one of my favs.

    I guess imo each expansion has a little bit a new creativity, but there are some expansions that are pretty similar. I always get OOW and GOD confused. I just think its funny when your a noob toon at lvl 1 killing spiders and rats and then you find them again at lvl 60 or 65 in a different zone, kicking your ass. They should have new creatures for that. All in all, I think the new expansion is awesome and I'm loving the new content, they did a good job.

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