View Poll Results: What zone are you bound in?

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  • Plane of Knowledge

    23 35.38%
  • Plane of Tranquility

    2 3.08%
  • Guild Lobby

    34 52.31%
  • Near where I'm exping

    5 7.69%
  • Near a mob I'm camping

    0 0%
  • Other

    1 1.54%
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Thread: Where are you bound?

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    GH usually, cause os needed to get money for summon. But we where in time right before the last patches so I was bound at the sundial when GH went down for a couple of days so I stopped binding in the GH. So I am in GL but I hate having to zone out and back in to get money.

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    At this point in my young life I live for LDoNs. I am bound at the wayfarers camp in ButcherBlock. This way if we are doing multiple adventures I can just gate back, sell to Magus, and get new adventure while the rest do an AFK. Being a DE I find the fun through GFay to be easier on the nerves if I need to do a PoK run. Later it will probably be by small bank in PoK.

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    I`m bound in the guild lobby, probly for many of the reasons other people are bound there
    1) You zone super fast here, usually i zone 2-3 seconds into the Guild Lobby.
    2) Guild Hall/Poknowledge is attached to it, allowing you access to PP to summon if need be.
    3) uhm.. its just convinient! =]

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    Lobby for me. Close to GH and PoK. I also keep backup invis pots and a summon stone or two in the bank more often than not, so I can safely wait for a res, or I have easy access to summon stones and plat or the tools I need to run back.
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    PoK pretty much 100% of the time. I am leaning towards Lobby though. I do agree that my bind spot would be changed with a quickness if they put a bank in the Lobby.

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    I am bound in guild lobby. Would really love it if they put a bank there but its still about the easiest spot for me to be bound at for now.


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