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    Default uifolder?

    I am trying to install a interface and i have never done it before. It says i need to extract the files to a uifolder in my everquest folder but it doesnt have one.

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    Should have a UIfile in your everquest folder .. once you locate it click on the Uifile and make a new folder.. Remember the new folder name has to be 1 word like MYnewui or whatever..
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    Default Re: uifolder?

    i don't have everquest trilogy... i had everquest since it came out

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    You can log in right? (if you can't log in that's a seperate issue to start with)

    Ok, then you HAVE a uifiles directory UNDER your Everquest directory. It's there or you wouldn't be able to log in.

    Find where you installed EQ (C:\Program Files\Everquest is the most likely unless you specified a custom directory)

    Now at the top of that directory you will see a TON of folders, they are in alphabetical order (if they aren't click on "name" at the top once or twice and they will be)

    you are looking for "uifiles" folder

    open that

    now you will see one (or more) folders, one of which WILL be named "default"

    Unzip (or otherwise install) your custom UI files into a directory here. NOT as single files into the "uifiles" directory. (i.e. make a new folder and unzip into it if the installation procedure doesn't do it for you)

    Also, if the custom UI you want isn't a FULL UI you must FIRST copy the default directory files (all of them) into the new directory you are making, then OVERWRITE them with your custom files.

    Then log into the game....

    Wait, your custom UI isn't working....

    Yes, because you are still using the "default" UI files (which you CANNOT change, if you change the files in the default directory the patcher fixes them back to the default ones) you must "Load UI skin"

    Open the options window (alt - o is the default method) . Click "Load UI skin" and chose (there will be a little window that pops up) your new UI by choosing the name of the new folder you created to put it in. (To start with you probably want to leave the "keep your layouts" button enabled.)

    Your screen will "go blank" (the UI will go away completely) for a few seconds and your new UI -should- come up. Viola! You are done.

    If for any reason the new UI don't work.... then your task becomes much harder. For help at that point go to the person you got the new UI from.

    Best of luck.


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