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Thread: EgrasUI 7.0

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    Default EgrasUI 7.0

    EgrasUI has been a long ongoing project of mine. Many use the UI, but I never posted here cause I honestly thought this site went down long ago.

    Please feel free to go to the website. I have screenshots of each window, color choices for the UI, storylines, loot database and more.

    NOTE: Pure Melee do not get the Spell Gem Window, but the Combat Abilities windows is identically sized to be placed in its spot. There is no need for a special file or version to go from melee > caster etc.

    Home of EgrasUI, EgrasSLx (storyline's) and EgrasEQx (loot database)

    Main Window, EQ Window and Spell Gem Window:

    Screenshot A (Caster): (Click for full size)

    Screenshot B (Melee): (Click for full size)

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    Default Re: EgrasUI 7.0

    I've looked at your UI before, but where are the other two hotkey banks found? I keep all three up at all times, plus my social bank.
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    Default Re: EgrasUI 7.0

    i tried this (ya have it in purple) on my bazaar mule to check it out. not too bad, is nice and simple. still, i am not going to change out the one i curently use. this is one i might concider if mine ever stops working.

    the way i am going to get around mine not having all of the hot key banks is to copy the files over into my folder, then map em to my programable macro keys, then close them. i haven't done this yet, but going to do it soon. that way i will have the benifit of the 4 banks, without actualy having to have them take up space. well, not the "total" benifit, i will just be able to use one page from almost all 4 banks, thats more than enough. I have 36 macroable keys. and i am only using one at moment.... /dismount/stopcast works awesome. not that i am on a horse very much ;-P

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    Default Re: EgrasUI 7.0

    Does not seem to be in exsistence anymore or the links have changed.
    If it still exsists, I hope you come post the new links, I would like to see the UI.

    Nevermind..I see it, a new 9.0 version, just in a different thread....I think this thread can be deleted for us blondes that do not notice right off the
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