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Thread: how to solo

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    You guys haven't mentioned Vow of Valor. I don't solo much, but we have a surplus of cleric bots in my guild so I use it to play pally and it rocks. Once you get to 71 you've got VoV, at 74 you get the upgrade to MoB.

    The caveat is that it cuts your heals in half. You heal like a shaman. But Vow of Valor procs an 800 pt DD, plus a heal recourse for 1350 per tick. VoV + Ward + MoM (didn't mention if lvl 74 mark stacks with MoR, but if it does, that's 89 pts of DS) + summoned hammer or a good weapon, and you're a killing machine. Or so say the battle clerics I know. First time I used this spell, my first thought was, Wow, this is gonna get nerfed. But so far, so good, Sony apparently thinks cutting heals in half is enough trade-off and the word I hear from clerics who like to solo is that it finally makes soloing meaningful AA possible for us.
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    a_gnome_01 said in post #16 :
    (didn't mention if lvl 74 mark stacks with MoR, but if it does, that's 89 pts of DS)
    yes it does, Martyr is a direct upgrade to Blameless and stacks with Righteous for 88pts

    also the ward line got some lower level spells put in awhile back, starting at lvl 50 you can get one that does 207 dmg
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    WoV didn't exsist when this post was made. thank you for adding it :-)

    it cuts heals in half yes, but it also heals you for free, so is a fair trade off imo. was a nice boost to our dps, however i have noticed that when i have 4-5+ mobs on me, seems all my other procs keep WoV from going off, anyone else notice this? i am talking "lots" of mobs, example, i was going for the workers pouch in SSRA and would kill almost all of them at once in that cave, but WoV didn't seem to proc, had too many ward procs going off is what i thought for it to "check" wov procs.

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    Ward is on a separate table to offensive imbues, so its not that. My guess is push/stun swing loss from that many mobs


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