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Thread: ugly human mobs

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    Default ugly human mobs

    When in most zones I have found that rats, bats, spiders, and many other mobs look like humans to me...this of course does not effect gameplay but is annoying that I dont get tosee the difference when someone says on the rat, bat, there somehting I can do to get this fixed? any help would be great!!! thank you very much
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    Default Re: ugly human mobs

    ....bats look like humans?

    Something's not stirring the coffee. Try a complete file check next time you load up. If that doesn't work you might have to reinstall. Sounds like yer missing a model or two.

    Oh, and reroll as a delf, that should help too.
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    Default Re: ugly human mobs

    yeah, what he said...try run the file check at the patcher screen.

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    Default Re: ugly human mobs

    Its a quick fix
    Check off each expansion in Advanced and do a file check( not a complete download) like Keyera said..


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