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Thread: Clerics That have no clue....

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    DA and DB have the -same- casting time and (I believe) the same recast time. (For some reason Lucy / Alla are showing DA has a 901 recast and DB having a 900, which is a typo I hope.)

    DA costs 10 mana. And lasts 18 seconds.

    DB costs 100 mana. Lasts 18 seconds. And heals for (over, with focuses, I believe) 1000 hp at level 70. So with Healing Gift Mastery Three I should get nearly 1350 hp for 90 extra mana spent. Which is sweet on the Hp/Mana and Hp/sec ratios. And even if it's only 900 hp for 90 mana it's still better then Ancient: Hallowed Light for ratios.

    If I need to Divine Aura and have less than 100 mana I'm pretty much toast either way.

    If I get totally boned I have BDA and you can target yourself and use it. I have done it, I know I'll be forced to do it again.

    BDA refresh timer, even with Hastened Divinity Three (which I have) has a recast time of over an hour. If you think the 15 minute timer on DA sucks (as I do occasionally) the BDA timer will drive you to the brink of madness.

    If you are only going to have one DA memm'ed ... DB is the way to go. No downside, all upside. If you need a second DA hanging around for those "holy sweaty sack of Bristlebane, I'm gonna get made into Hobbit Pate" I'd recommend BDA (since this one you can use on others) ...

    If you need a third DA style spell inside 15 minutes on a regular basis... seek help and way easier content.
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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    OMG! Itek and I are agreeing again! Dog's and cat's sleeping together... Mass hysteria!
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    Don't forget the reward from the War of the Giants quest, Protection of the Dain scroll with DA. That way you don't have to have DA taking a spell slot. With this you would have three barriers if you have BDA AA. Yes you can only use the scroll once then have to go get a new one but it has saved my Dwarven arse a few times. This is also an All/All item so i rec it for all the silk classes as well.
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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    I have both DA and DB memmed at all times. I cannot count the times they have kept me alive. Inc multi pull. Tank is going down too fast for CH. Send in the AHL/4 Second heal. Get aggro from Mob B & C. DA up, wait for the tank to aggro one or two. Click off DA, send in a DvA, give the group a heal. Get aggro again. DB up, and wait for tank to again aggro the rest or CC to control them. Click off, med up, and cast CH as necessary.

    When I get BDA through AA, I will then have three options for invulnerability.
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    Interesting thread, lots of differing points of view. Personally, DvA and 9th spell slot are no brainers, especially at low 60's, DvA will change your game.

    My spell sets change a lot, usually have at least 4 heals memmed and the rest of my slots things like yaulp/vei/reverse ds/cures/nukes/DI etc. are all switched out depending on situation. I also always have at least DB memmed.

    One thing to remember about having DB memmed and BDA is that you can actually save yourself and someone else. I know I like most others, probably use BDA a lot more on myself than others, but helping 2 characters to zone/run far enough away to gate or whatever, can really help save time on cr's and such, especially when your deep in an xp camp.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....


    In the situation you described one way to handle that is to first do a DvA (rather than a high aggro heal like AHL). Then hit AHL (or if if you had celestial renewal use that) then do what you need to with an aggro heal. Switching the order up might help, but also depends if your DvA hotkey is someplace you can hit it immediately (mine is the #1 so I can slam it on the keyboard fast).

    Also, once I got elixer of divinity, I keep that up for most exp groups if we're fighting harder content or I know multiples might come in. It works best once you have the extension AA as it lasts 42 seconds and healing boon, but it still works nice when you know in advance multi's are coming in. That way the chanter/slower, tank and you get some protection initially. Depending on the mission it might be worth investigating. I keep it up 100% when I'm in dreadspire, as well as when I'm doing any of the Skylance or Tak/N Ro missions for Temple of Blood access for new members.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    I keep DB up for snoozing chanter/overzealous puller moments, we all have em from time to time (and I'm just as guilty with my chanter and sk). Only time I ever have both up is naked runs back to group running to dreadspire thru the hive if I can't find a lev (thanks Crystilla! /hug)
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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    Eep thats really frightening

    For pulls i like to use my mana free non-agro heals so clicky shield and divine arb. I agree being a good cleric means knowing the situation. Quick heals draw agro, but until slow lands its important to keep the tank up...unless you feel like tanking hehe. I would also recommend seeing how well the tank can stay up before trying a ten second heal))

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    Just a note, our shield click isn't without agro like DVA is since it combines DVA3 with a 1500 hp heal on every member. It does produce a small amount of agro whereas a DVA click produces 0 agro.
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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    For grouping, I tend not to keep a group heal up, unless we're in an area where a lot of group damage occurs (from adds, AE's or whatever). So generally, I end up hitting DvA and focusing on the tank and let natural regen/HoT's/everyone else fend for themselves. Of course I'm a bit spoiled since I've been grouping with Pally's a lot lately too.

    Usually between CelRegen, DvA, and 1.5 that's usually enough to get past the group damage stage (ie the mob's slowed and I can leave the tank long enough to get a Mark throuhg to kill a DS or stuff like that)

    To the people who tie DvA with CelRegen, be VERY careful with that. DvA is aggro free, CelRegen is NOT aggro free. So if you have a FD puller/Fade puller, DvA is a great way to give them a quick boost (assuming they get close enough) without bringing down the Wrath of Ro onto your heads. But if you use 1.5 or CelRegen, well, hope your CCers are up to snuff.

    Generally though, as I said, I tend to find that after DvA/1.5, I rarely have to focus on the rest of the group. They either don't take the damage and natural regen's heal them, or only one or two more take damage so I can hit them with a HoT and forget them. The upcoming OoC regen changes should help with that a lot.

    P.S. The upcoming AA system changes should also help make getting the 9th Spell gem and the levels of DvA a lot easier as well; the L60's will be able to get an AA at a similar rate to the L70's.
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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    1.5 does carry aggro, but afaik HoT's will not cause aggro if cast on someone who is fd.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    No spell causes agro if cast on someone who has successfully FD. The chance you take when you heal a FD player is that their feign may have been unsuccessful (or they stand up at the wrong moment) and then you will have a visit from every mob that had them on agro.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    Gaad said in post #57 :
    1.5 does carry aggro, but afaik HoT's will not cause aggro if cast on someone who is fd.
    This might deserve clarification as it could be ambiguous.

    A HoT is in EQ terms a "short term buff". Agro set and generation is done when the HoT lands and only then. So when a monk is FD and you cast the HoT, he can get up from that FD once it has landed and further ticks of the heals will not be attributed to you and you will remain out of the agro lists.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    ok just a few things first, im not new to EQClerics i just dont post very often. but this one i just have to post on.

    ok clerics that have no clue, wow there are so many things i could say but i will not.

    ok this is my spell line up 1. CH 2. quick heal 3. hot 4. group heal / yalp 5. is DB/DA #6-8 are buffs/ nukes depending on what is needed at the time and 9. is gate (do not rember the exact names of the spells that i use but they are the newest ones i have.)

    i am a 70 cleric with 50 aas 7.5k hp and 6.7k mana and 1.4k ac just a FYI on that.
    i also have 1.0 and 1.5 complete.

    my prefured way of healing so i do not have agro is to put a hot on tank right before inc and then start with CH as often as needed or if not time use a quick heal and pray for a exceptional to land. also i have hurd other clerics talking about members of there group dieing or getting low health agro from using da AA but i have never had that problem with that. i also have a policy that is if you take agro from MT more than one time and i see that you are doing it just cuz you can, i say keep it i will rezz you after, and expect no appoligies for your death.

    i also have a clicky CH brest plate that i can use if im lom or the tank just isent getting beat to bad (30 sec cast time with a 7 min buff to prevent recasting on that person)

    Now im not sure about yall but i hate grouping with other clerics. to me it is a wast of mana unless you have worked it out with other cleric about who is healing who or what not i usualy avoid it at all cost. and it works out best if both clerics are on TS.

    ok i will end this by saying if you see something you think im doing wrong tell me we can talk about it and you may change my mind and i may change yours im sure alot of you have been playing alot longer than i have and i understand and accept the fact that i do not know it all if you see something that i could be doing diffrent tell me dont worry about hurtting fealings or anything like that.

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    Default Re: Clerics That have no clue....

    i heal by stunning the incoming mob, then nuking it and then tanking it till it is dead. if the warrior draws aggro off me i let him handle it and heal himself.


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