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Thread: Computer specs ok for EQ?

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    just as an update. For $500 maybe a little under I got a new computer, monitor and printer. Original price was higher, but I talked them out of it coming with a crappy 14 inch LCD and into a 17 inc CRT that's soooo much better picture quality and it was sooo much cheaper!

    Came with AMD 3500, 512 DDRam, (upgraded to 1 gig from the net), waiting til I can find a deal for 2 gigs, onboard video craptastic, but I ordered an ATI Radeon xl800 GTO. And of course a 550 watt coolmax Powersupply. Computer came stock with 300 watts lol.

    I'll be set for awhile. just give me Fortress Forever already! (TFC source)

    I just have to mess with all the rebates now, doh. And maybe steal a fan from one of my friends for the video card.
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    Default Re: Computer specs ok for EQ?

    I think I already did the shaders but I'll check again. It didn't seem to help much iirc, the link Fyrril provided had some decent ideas will try some of them thnx


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