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    Couple random poems. Some relevant to me, some not.

    My inside fled,
    My inside dead,
    I lost a girl inside my head,

    Walked bright in white,
    Ethereal light,
    Not even scent she left in flight,

    We always fought,
    On words she taught,
    That I could love when I thought not,

    Her wisdom fled
    but not in dread,
    Her benevolence left in my head,

    Let me then sing,
    "Feel everything,
    See not the winter but the spring."

    I never knew
    how much I grew,
    Mandra, my dove, how I'll miss you.

    She left me last night. We got in a fight as usual about my phobia's ("only an excuse" she says) she called me a coward, and then back and forth until she stopped, calmed down and left... just dissappeared into white light as she left the door of my mind. She said she was only holding me back. For ten years she's been here with me, day in and day out, constantly commenting on people meet, "ooh dearest, isn't he interesting", or "Lovely, I like the sound of that" and now she's gone, down to two, Mr. Brim and Adria. Although I realize now that her presence thus far has really changed me for the better, I still miss her though.

    Blood and sugar I combine,
    In bowls stained of Iodine,

    Drink the wine and snap the spine,
    To the heart, true and divine,

    Soldering Iron, burn the line,
    Classic form of words: Be mine

    Like mooring lines hold me to thine,
    Won't you be my valentine?"

    Valentines day poem, Crazy-demon-possessed-Maelarr-style.

    This house of blue,
    you led me to
    This sin to bless my song
    bid's me leave fresh
    your flesh I must thresh
    How can this love be wrong?

    Random thing that came together.

    And then there's the Sig poem. Saffron is the psuedo-love interest except by the time they meet they are both too far off the deep end to get a meaningful relationship going love interestof Maelarr.
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    Default Re: Random Poetry

    Wow! Those are deep! Now I'm throughly depressed! hehe But no, really, they are fantasic! Very meaningful! You have some major talent.
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