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    This is a tale of heroics and faith... enjoy.


    The world was in ruins. It was thirty years after the Great Wars, and the world had still not begun to repair itself. This was how it was, when Tunare and Mithanial Marr began to converse.

    "The world should be right. My children are in pain, and I can do nothing to stop it!" Tunare said while pacing angrily. "what can we do?" Mithanial said. "We promised not to interfere after the godly battles shook the land of Norath into chaos."
    "I know what we must do!" Tunare said triumphantly. "Imbue a mortal with godly powers, to right the world." "Isn't that interfereing?" Mithanial said gently. "We will have to imbue and evil being with powers to, to keep the balance. But we can make sure this holy warrior wins. Now all we have to do is choose the right person..........................."

    Chapter 1
    <meanwhile on Norath>

    The scream of a baby being born is heard above all the normal village noises. It's not just any baby, it's the son of a mighty warrior named Virgil, and a holy priestess named Ovil. Over the screams of the baby, the mother's screams were clearly heard, than silence.

    Three day later the funeral bells tolled, and Virgil left this mighty town with a baby in his strong arms, swearing to himself "I will raise this child as a mighty warrior. "

    At the temple of Tunare, he stopped and prayed. He said "Mighty tunare, god of my wifes, blessed mother, please fill this baby with the spirit of all good and holy, so he will not enter your eternal resting place untill he rightly should be claimed."

    Tunare looked down on him with pity, and called up the pwer of the spirits. She whispered into the night "He is rightly chosen. Born of death, the holy one to restore order. "

    <<To be continued>>>

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    Default Re: Victus et Aeacus

    Oh good start, I can't wait for more.

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    Looking forward to the next chapter....

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